HR Support

Maximise your productivity with our added-value employee management services

Turnkey assistance provided for the efficient and cost-effective management of data, administration and related processes, with a specialist capacity to assist mines with local and foreign mineworkers.


Data capturing of all employees recruited through TEBA on the TEBA Personnel System (TPS). Details include up-to-date personal information, relevant documentation, and fingerprints. Information is easily accessible to our clients on request, via Electronic Data Interchanges (EDIs).

Communication to beneficiaries.

Administration of paper-based Certificate of Life services.

Provision of biometric-based Certificate of Life services where paper-based records can be replaced.

Administration of withdrawals from trust and beneficiary funds.


In terms of foreign workers, TEBA co-ordinates the legislative and administrative requirements for companies and workers. We provide advice and assistance with corporate visa permit applications for junior workers (CAT 3-8), and assistance at the respective borders for these workers to return to their place of work.

Well-established relationships with relevant authorities allow us to significantly streamline these processes.


We process deferred pay for mineworkers from Lesotho and Mozambique. These mineworkers are required by inter-governmental labour sending agreements to remit a portion of their income back to their respective countries. The service is simple to use, extremely safe, yet effective and reliable. We ensure that the correct individual is paid by means of biometric fingerprint verification. Individuals are also able to withdraw their deferred pay in their country of origin only, which limits the risk of transporting large sums of money.


TEBA provides administrative support to employers who wish to provide education benefits to the dependants of their employees:

Assistance with administration of education funding for the dependants of deceased or medically repatriated workers on behalf of employers.

Facilitating the enrolment of these beneficiaries at educational institutions by assisting with documentation collation and completion.

Processing the payment of school fees and related expenses, including tuition, textbooks, school uniforms and stationery.

Facilitating annual visits from home to school, provided for families and beneficiaries.

Logistical and Transportation support for clients

TEBA provides valuable logistical support when clients need to undertake direct visits to the communities where former or current members reside. This includes any required facilitation with local and government structures to ensure that logistics are arranged quickly, and that local customs are observed.

We provide a transport service for employees, their families as well as company officials and representatives. Individuals or groups can be transported to and from areas where TEBA offices are situated, within South Africa as well as to Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Swaziland. Our well maintained vehicles are appropriate for the terrain, and our drivers are screened and competent. TEBA will assist in arranging specialised medical transport using third party suppliers.