Effectively managed projects with impact

Our team of experienced project managers works with businesses or special interest groups to produce high impact community projects. We provide project management from start to finish that ensures your initiative is professionally managed, executed cost-effectively, and delivers real community value.

TEBA Tuberculosis Programme

In collaboration with key stakeholders in the mining industry, including leading mines, donor funders and government, TEBA has successfully registered more than 600 000 patients on the TEBA TB Treatment Programme.

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Occupational Health Outreach

Since April 2016, TEBA has tracked down more than 3 100 miners, ex-miners and beneficiaries, of whom a substantial number have already received compensation, which has made a notable difference in their lives.

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Point of Care Clinics

Since the establishment of the TEBA Point of Care Clinics, more than 182 000 miners, ex-miners and their family members have been screened for TB. (378 people were diagnosed and 80% have commenced TB treatment.) 80% of the people diagnosed with TB have commenced treatment.

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Food Security Project

The Khoma Xitica Agricultural Association Food Security Project was established to create job opportunities and to improve the agricultural production and crop yield in the Manikiniki Village in Gaza Province, Mozambique.

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Harmony Gold Water Infrastructure Project

The Harmony Gold Water Infrastructure Project was established to improve water supply to six rural villages. It continues to positively impact the daily lives of the community households who no longer have to spend a substantial portion of their day collecting water.

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